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  • Медовое суфле c черникой/облепихой
  • Медовое суфле c черникой/облепихой

Honey souffle with bilberry/sea-buckthorn

Weight: 340 g

Expiry date : 24

Tender mousse of honey, bilberry and sea buckthorn is a dessert with a rich aroma and the exquisite sweet-sour-spicy touch. It is the best medicine for people engaged in the intense mental work: normalizes the vision, strengthens the immune system, helps fight the viruses, eliminates oedemas and inflammations. This incredibly tasty delicacy is not only great for the heart, liver, gastrointestinal tract and skin, but also cleans body from the toxins and removes radionuclides.

Honey specifications

Geographic origin :
Russia and CIS countries
Date of collecting: