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  • Взбитый мёд с ягодами годжи/зеленым чаем и имбирем
  • Взбитый мёд с ягодами годжи/зеленым чаем и имбирем

Honey mousse made of goji berries with green tea and ginger

Weight: 340 g

Expiry date : 12

The rich complex of vitamins, antioxidants, and minerals makes every jar an ideal natural dietary food item. The honey mousse normalises metabolic processes in the body, activates the production of enzymes for better food digestion, improves the removal of bile, stabilizes the hormonal balance. The dessert's healing, ecologically clean ingredients boost the immune system, improve the cerebral blood circulation, lift spirits, build stamina and stimulate the libido. The wholesome assortment with an original taste possesses a tender creamy texture thanks to extremely minute crystals of natural bee honey.

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