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Honey pallete


Weight: 300 g

The gentle breathing of the spring – it is in every spoonful of May Blossom honey! The first-extraction honey contains all the freshness and young energy of early melliferous plants. The dessert impresses with its elegant sparkling-goldish color and crystal transparence. The taste is soft, silky with melting tones of generous wild grasses in its aftertaste. A flowy consistence charms with its light floral aroma to the very last drop. In folk medicine it is believed that the May Blossom honey is efficient as a means improving the immunity, restoring the thyroid body, nervous and cardiovascular system. The delicacy is highly appreciated by the lovers for its strong antibacterial properties, capability to improve concentration of attention and memory, and purify the blood. The early honey helps to eliminate toxins, wastes, salts. It is recommended as the supplement to the standard ration helping to restore the vigor and stamina.

Honey specifications

Liquid, fluid with elegant golden sparkling color, crystal clear.
Date of collecting:
Flavour and fragrance:
Delicate, silky, with melting notes of generous herbs in aftertaste.