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  • Взбитый мёд "Для двоих" с клюквой/апельсиновой цедрой
  • Взбитый мёд "Для двоих" с клюквой/апельсиновой цедрой

Honey mousse with cranberry/orange zest

Weight: 340 g

Expiry date : 24

The unique and unusually tasty combination of honey, cranberry, and citrus does not have equivalents. In one ensemble, there are the aroma of sweet oranges, a spicy hint of the red berry sourness and warm scenty honey mousse. Such a gastronomical trio gives each ingredient a chance of a tremendous triumph of taste. A jar of this delicacy should by all means reign on the tables in winter season. It has all vitamins, minerals, organic acids for strengthening the immune system and is essential for a speedy recovery after colds. The texture of the dessert reminds of a tender butterly fondant with pinky tint and bright juicy inclusions of berries and orange zest.

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