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Weight: 340 g

Strawberry-Mint honey is a delicious duet, which fountains with its energy of taste and color. The mousse honey with mint and strawberries will be appreciated by all those people looking for new taste experiences. The fresh mint and the alluring red berry show off all the deepness and generosity of the bee honey. The adorable creamy consistency of the honey mousse melts in the mouth providing a real delight.

A special production technology of the dessert preserves all the useful substances contained in the honey and its components. Mint helps eliminating nervous tension, and the strawberries are useful in the treatment of anemia and avitaminosis. The honey has good anti-inflammatory and antimicrobial properties, it helps strengthening of vascular walls. The delicacy revives spirits, gives tone and is really a good means to protect the health of you and your children.