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  • Взбитый мёд c черникой/облепихой
  • Взбитый мёд c черникой/облепихой

Honey mousse with bilberry/sea-buckthorn

Weight: 340 g

Expiry date : 24

Tender mousse is created on the basis of healthy properties of honey, bilberry and sea-buckthorn. The dessert possesses a pleasant and rich aroma, sweet taste with a slight sourness and spicy astringent touch. The unusual treat is also a tasty medicine that even children would not resist. Honey, bilberry and sea-buckthorn keep doctors away! Honey mousse is good for school children during active study terms and for all those engaged in intense mental work. Thanks to bilberry in the composition of mousse there are special active elements that normalise the vision. Bilberry and sea-buckthorn honey strengthens the immune system, helps fighting the viruses, eliminates oedemas and inflammations. Honey and berry mix treats the ailments of heart, liver, gastrointestinal tract, and skin. It is actively used as a remedy cleansing body from toxines and removing radionuclides.

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