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  • Натуральный мёд с женьшенем
  • Натуральный мёд с женьшенем

Natural honey with ginseng

Weight: 300 g

A recipe of youthfulness and longevity is captured in a jar of the healing bee honey with the ginseng root. The remedy is effective for stress relief, cell regeneration, improvement of blood circulation and general detoxification of the organism. The Chinese healers consider the combination of natural honey with ginseng to be a remedy fighting physical and mental fatigue. The product stimulates the body defences, strengthens the immune system, the overall tone, is useful for the age-related decrease of sexual acitivity. The bright scent of the medicinal plant augments the fragrance of the bee pollen. Slightly pungent and spicy touch of ginseng is softly set off by the sweetness of honey. Weightless, fresh, pleasantly invigorating notes are felt while exhaling after each spoonful.

Honey specifications

Geographic origin :
Russia and CIS countries
Date of collecting: