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Natural honey with black cumin

Weight: 300 g

Honey with black cumin is a memorable palette of taste with a targeted positive impact on health issues! The British call black cumin "love in the mist" for its enveloping sensual spicy aroma that reminds of an Arab perfume. Curative properties of spices have been utilized in the treatment of the stomach ulcer and the duodenal ulcer, colds, coughs, flus, insomnia, joint pains, rheumatism, fungi infections, and intestinal parasites. A combination of the medicinal plant with the bee honey is capable of strengthening the immune system, especially in children. Regular consumption of the honey delicacy boosts the heart function, improves memory, helps in many sexual problems. The product is defined by a sweet spicy flavor and an unparalleled warming sensation with a delicate touch of bitterness in the aftertaste.

Honey specifications

Geographic origin :
Russia and CIS countries
Date of collecting:
Flavour and fragrance: