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Honey with walnuts

Weight: 30 g

A luxurious harmony of natural honey and walnuts stuns with its taste and phenomenal amount of various vitamins, micro-elements, antioxidants, and acids. The walnut kernels contain iron, zinc, copper, protein compounds, essential oils, vitamins C, PP, B1 and B2, phytoncides, and iodine. A miracle cure of honey and walnut composition has been used from times immemorial to treat the iron-deficiency anemia and avitaminosis, colds, headaches and migraines, intestinal disorders and cardiovascular diseases. The recipe boosts the immune system, the stamina, improves the condition of the hair and skin, strengthens the libido. Honey with walnut possesses an appetizing amber shade and a refined flavor. The taste of the walnut imparts a spicy and a slightly bitter contrast to the deep and noble honey foundation

Honey specifications

Geographic origin :
Russia and CIS countries
Date of collecting:
Flavour and fragrance:
piquant, bitterish