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The power of honey
  • Натуральный мёд с мумиё
  • Натуральный мёд с мумиё

Natural honey with mummy

Weight: 300 g

We combine the effect of the most potent natural healing forces for a mighty boosting effect for the whole organism. The product is recommended for the stomach ulcer and duodenum, bone fractures and muscle and tendon strains. The combination of mummy with the apiculture products treats nervous system disorders and skin diseases. Regular intake shortens the rehabilitation period after the surgical operations, infarction, and stroke. Also, the power of the two remedies known from the old days accounts for their antitumour property. The remedy eliminates headaches. The mental abilities are considerably strengthened, the body easily resists unfavourable external factors. Honey possesses a pleasant warming up taste with a familiar touch of bitterness.

Honey specifications

Geographic origin:
Russia and CIS countries
Date of collecting: