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  • "Царский бархат"/медовый мусс с плодами рожкового дерева
  • "Царский бархат"/медовый мусс с плодами рожкового дерева

"Royal Velvet" honey/honey mouse with the fruits of the algarroba

Weight: 340 g

Expiry date : 24

Along with the unsurpassed taste characteristics, the honey-mousse combines wholesome properties of the known melliferous plants: willow-herb, sage, lime, melissa, marjoram, thyme, inula, clover, goldenrod growing in ecologically clean areas. The pleasure from the soft slightly spicy taste goes hand in hand with a huge benefit for the treatment and prevention of anaemia, colds, neuralgia, migraines, insomnia, stomach diseases, various heart and liver conditions. Advantages of the algarroba lie in the large content of fibre good for stomach and intestines. Also, fruits contain calcium important for bones, skin and teeth. An exquisite honey dessert wins adults and children by its taste, scent, subtle consistency and delicious appearance.

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