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For gourmets

Мёд «Кедровый дар» (30г.)

Price: 48 rub
Weight: 30 g

* for one jar when one box is purchased
(20 pcs in a box)
There is a flexible discount system for bigger order volumes.

"CEDAR GIFT" is a cocktail of blossom honey and cedar sap that has a special taste and unique properties. It ripens from pollen collected by bees from glague, angelica, sweet clover, clover and other melliferous plants of the mountainous parts of the Altay territory. However, the main peculiarity of the "Cedar Honey" is the sap (cedar tar). It possesses soothing, antibacterial, healing, expectorant, diuretic, and styptic effects. Moreover, the cedar sap added to the "live honey" makes its taste brighter and more saturated that will certainly be appreciated by the fans of unusual and wholesome desserts.

Honey specifications

Geographic origin :
The Altay territory
Date of collecting:
Flavour and fragrance:
rich, fragrant