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Мёд «Таежный букет»

Price: 120 rub
Weight: 150 g

* for one jar when one box is purchased
(20 pcs in a box)
There is a flexible discount system for bigger order volumes.

"The Taiga bouquet" is the honey that will leave no sweet-tooth indifferent! Bees gather pollen for this honey from such herbs as willow herb, sweet clover, angelica, sage. The colour of the dessert is rich, dark beige.
The "Taiga Bouquet" honey helps to cure bronchitis and colds and gastrointestinal tract problems. It tones, soothes, and nourishes the cardio-vascular and nervous system. Such a dessert will surely become one of the favourite treats in your family!

Honey specifications

Geographic origin :
Russia and countries of CIS
Flavour and fragrance: