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For gourmets

Мёд «Царский бархат»

Price: 207 rub
Weight: 300 g

* for one jar when one box is purchased
(20 pcs in a box)
There is a flexible discount system for bigger order volumes.

"Royal Velvet" from the "Live Honey" collection is an exquisite dessert for real gourmets! It stands out for its white mother-of-pearl shade of colour, tender butterly consistency and soft, slightly spicy taste. In the protected mountainous areas of Kyrgyzia and Bashkiria, bees diligently gather pollen and carry it to the honeycombs where it gradually ripens untill it turns into honey. This honey contains wholesome properties of medicinal herbs such as lime, willow-herb, thyme, melissa, goldenrod, and so on. "Live honey" from the "Royal Velvet" collection will help in the prevention and treatment of colds, migraines, neuralgia, insomnia, anaemia, stomach issues, heart, and liver conditions.

Honey specifications

Geographic origin :
Bashkortostan, Kyrgyzia
Date of collecting:
Flavour and fragrance:
tender, soft