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Our achievements

"Musikhin. Mir Meda" Company is a good example of how diligence and perseverance overcome any obstacles and achieve real success! Having started his business in 2000 from a small rural apiary, today the company's owner Denis Musikhin possesses the biggest partnership network all over Russia. It allows him to produce over 30 different varieties of light and dark honey not only stunningly delicious but of impeccable quality too.

Today, "Musikhin. Mir Meda" Company cooperates with the owners of apiaries located in Kazakhstan, Kursk and Belgorod Regions, Altai, Bashkiria, Krasnodar Region, Kirghizia and so on. Difference in natural conditions and, as a consequence, in kinds of flowering plants allows producing honey with various characteristics and tastes. We have quality certificates for all kinds of honey products issued by the certification and standardization authorities of the Russian Federation.

Thanks to the hard work and strong work ethics "Musikhin. Mir Meda" Company has evolved from a small family apiary into one of the biggest suppliers of honey products in Russia.

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