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Health benefits of honey are commonly known - honey helps to cure diabetes, anemia and different viral diseases, and is an effective tranquilizer both for adults and children. Besides, honey raises vitality and gives strength and energy. However, only natural honey that is produced and kept in accordance with quality standards possesses all these qualities. Our company "Musikhin.Mir Meda" offers exactly such kind of products.

In the production of honey compositions, we use only natural components procured from all over Russia and neighboring countries. Storage jars are not only attractive in a marketing sense but also are of excellent quality. We do not sell unripe honey or honey with increased level of sucrose or higher moisture level. How to make sure it's true? It is impossible to check that at home. Our company sends honey product samples to the All-Russian Scientific Research Institute’s specialized laboratory on a regular basis.

Expert conclusion on honey characteristics is issued based on the quality and safety indicators. This conclusion provides grounds for obtaining relevant certificates and declarations. Only these documents can prove that this is really good and wholesome honey. Our company "Musikhin. Mir Meda" has certificates for all products on offer, issued by the certification and standardization authorities of the Russian Federation.

100% natural product
We offer absolutely safe and wholesome honey which does not contain preservatives, colouring agents or other additives
Two-stage quality control
To guarantee high quality of honey to our customers we carry out product controls on a regular basis which is proved by the appropriate certificates
Wide assortment of honey varieties
There are more than 30 different varieties of honey: classical honey with a taste known from childhood, delicate honey mousses and original honey compositions with such additives as ginger, cedar nuts, goji berries, blueberries, sea buckthorns, and cranberries
Beautiful quality packing
Honey produced by "Musikhin. Mir Meda" Company is a wholesome and tasty gift which your nearest and dearest will be happy to receive.
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